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Created: 19 December 2016

I was four years old, standing on the summit looking down the steep white slopes of Dizin resort. I heard my coach saying “let’s go”. I hear the rest of this story  from my mom after 27 years today; telling me how proud she felt to see her 3 year old daughter ski from the summit so elegantly among all those adults.

As a mountaineer, an avid hiker, camper, tennis player, wrestler, volleyball player; he always pushed me and my siblings to try various sports. When traveling, he’s always chose roadtripping and took roads less traveled. My father has always took us on a search to discover the untapped destinations. By consistently pushing me out of my comfort zone, he rewarded me a life of adventure.

Kudos to Vagabond family and all you amazing parents that give the gift of travel to kids.

Free to Travel the World

Free to Travel the World

I grew up in Iran and moved to the US in 2012. Not knowing anyone or having a clue how to begin a life in the US. But, it was easy and exciting. I grew up with an attitude to walk off the beaten path to discover my potential capabilities and meet friends on the journey. So, moving to a new country and living as an expat was not hard at all.

Living in San...

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