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A Mother's Perspective on Sipadan Island

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Created: 04 February 2017

Ever since my own mum took me on a Caribbean cruise when I was 13 years old, I've always dreamt of going on vacation with my two young children: 11-year old Stephen and Sophie, who's the same age that I was when I went on that cruise trip. This year it finally happened. Buoyed by a promotion at work, which proved instrumental in helping me accrue the necessary funds for our trip, and by the fact that I had accumulated about 10 days of leave by the time summer rolled around, we finally decided to give it a go this past July.

Sipadan Island

As far as locations go, as much as I treasure my Caribbean memories, it's Southeast Asia that I truly fell in love with during my college days, so that's where I decided to take the kids. More precisely, I wanted to do a tour of Malaysia, probably my favorite country in the whole area, concluding with a trip to Sipadan Island, where I figured I would introduce the children to the joys of scuba diving.

Sipadan Island

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur after a long flight during which I managed to get the kids to pay attention to their iPads instead of making a ruckus and bothering the rest of the passengers. Strike one for technology, I guess. We only stayed in...

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