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6 Facts About Family Vacation at Tuki Retreat That Will Impress Your Kids

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Created: 19 February 2017

Australia is home to some amazing sightseeing opportunities and places to visit. When travelling throughout Victoria near Smeaton, you and your children will have the opportunity to experience a stay on Tuki Retreat. For those who are travelling in the area, this expert guide will give you the top 6 facts about a family vacation at Tuki Retreat that will surely impress your children. Let’s take a look.

Fun Facts About Tuki Retreat The Whole Family Will Love

  • Trout Fishing

Trout fishing is enjoyed in Australia and is generally fished from streams and rivers, but not at Tuki. At Tuki Retreat, you and your children can experience trout fishing at a whole new level which will delight the young and older members of the family. We have a large body of water on the property that houses hundreds of young trout which guarantees you to have a catch during your experience. All the trout that is housed in the large dam are young for the best flavour. If you catch a fish at Tuki you will have it packaged and wrapped for a price to take home with you or you can even have it cooked to perfection by our chefs and eaten at your next meal. Great fun for the whole family, come fishing on the...

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