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Complete guide: Living Costs on Koh Samui for *Expat *Families with Kids

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Created: 19 March 2017

Becoming an expat family choosing Koh Samui is not a bad idea if you know everything about Thailand and like its culture. This is the complete guide of costs and conditions for those who have decided to live on Koh Samui with their families and kids. Perhaps you have once been in Koh Samui but it doesn’t mean that you have discovered everything about it. There are many details that can surprise you or give additional useful info.

Why go to Koh Samui?

When you choose Koh Samui as your next home you should be ready for millions of adventures and culture shock if you are unfamiliar with it. Actually, it’s a great experience and life event. You can become the witness of so many interesting things that your lifestyle can change its direction and become even better. Just try to guess why rich pensioners from different counties leave to Koh Samui to spend the rest of their life there. This is a wonderland that makes you feel you are in heaven.


Why go to Koh Samui

Why go to Koh Samui

Its tropical weather, huge and breathtaking beaches with mind-blowing views, healing and relaxing nature, delightful food are the most common things you’ll meet on Koh Samui. Compared with many islands,...

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