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Top 5 Travel Apps to Make Your Journey More Exciting

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Created: 04 April 2017

Gone are the days when you needed to hire a travel agent to plan out your trip. Now you can do all the planning yourself, right from your smartphone.

You can book tickets, make restaurant and hotel reservations, find cool places to hang out, look up the history of the city you’re traveling to and get taxis or rental cars anywhere you are.


Top 5 Travel Apps to Make Your Journey More Exciting

Top 5 Travel Apps to Make Your Journey More Exciting

When these apps make planning so convenient and hassle free, it’s easier to sit back and relax and enjoy your journey. Listed below are five of the best travel apps:


This app is available for both Android and IOS devices. It is the finest in class when it comes to booking flights and hotels. The app is extremely easy to use and lets you find the best hotel and flight deals.

It has a clean design and a unique search filter for flights called Agony. What this does is that it shows you the flights with the least amount of layover and hassle first and then longer but cheaper flights later so that you can pick those that suit you best.

There is a filter for booking hotels called Ecstasy which sorts hotels while taking into account various factors such as price, amenities...

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