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The Pregnant Woman’s Guide to June Lake, California

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Created: 19 May 2017
By: Bailey Gaddis

Most vacations to extreme sports destinations, while pregnant, are annoying – you can’t do much but eat, sleep and be bummed that you’re not participating in the adventure seeking. But not at June Lake – while famous for its family-friendly downhill skiing, this cozy mountain town offers plenty of ways for “with child” ladies to have an envy-worthy snow sojourn.

Just thirty minutes away from the chic resort of Mammoth, June offers a slower pace and amble amounts of relaxed rustic vibes. This isn’t a town where you need to feel pressure to have the cutest winter gear, “put on your face” to go out, or be fearful of your bank account being drained during your stay.

June Lake is just the place for you – you hardworking “baby maker” you – to recharge for the remainder of your epic journey into motherhood.


The Pregnant Woman’s Guide to June Lake, California

The Pregnant Woman’s Guide to June Lake, California

To ensure your pregnant body experiences optimal sleep and pampering, your finicky stomach is filled with belly-warming comfort food, your spirit is doused in ample doses of adventure, and your mind is given a well-deserved break from both hustle and bustle, use the following guide to begin ...

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