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5 Reasons Why Travel is Good for Your Family

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The Top Best Places In The World For An International Family Vacation

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Created: 19 May 2017

Ahhh, the annual family getaway: there is nothing else like it. Some of the best memories, for kids and parents alike, are made during their yearly vacation. What used to be just a half-day drive to the nearest beach or national park has now been upgraded with more families than ever travelling internationally. Leaving the comforts and normalcy of your home country and travelling beyond its borders has many benefits for adults and children — the life-changing experience will allow you all to truly become global citizens. While interests may vary and there are many ideal destinations — bustling cities, serene forests, or warm beaches — this list will give you a few ideas for your next international family vacation.

  • Costa Rica

As one of the more popular travel destinations, Costa Rica is the perfect place to take your adventure-seeking family. In terms of minding your wallet, Costa Rica is packed with things to do, beautiful accommodations, and delicious food all at a fraction of the cost of similar tourist spots. This country’s inhabitants are lovely and helpful. Many of them speak fluent English, so language barriers will not be an added worry. There are...

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