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Work and travel with your kids using Hippohelp!

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Created: 04 July 2017

Do you want to take an extended vacation with your kids? Maybe to escape the 9-5 life, and let your kids see the world from a new perspective?

Then planning the next trip using Hippohelp.com might be an option for you and your family!

Hippohelp is a free map-based work exchange platform connecting hosts with travellers all across the globe. Travellers provide services for the hosts, in exchange for food and accommodation.




Today I'll share a few advantages and disadvantages you need to have in mind before deciding whether to work and travel together with your kids or not. Let's start with the pro's!

The pros of hippohelping with your kids

1) Your kids will get incredible learning experiences

The things taught in school are generally speaking very theoretical, and in many cases the kids don't find them useful and interesting, and therefore forget about much of what they've learned once they've passed the exams.

If your kids participate in the work you provide for your hosts they will learn a lot of practical and social skills that wouldn't be possible to learn in the classroom.

Travelling and hippohelping with your kids will expand their horizons.

They will learn...

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