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Overcoming the Disadvantages of Road Schooling

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Created: 04 July 2017

Traveling with kids is usually a cause for stress among parents.  There are tons of advice out there on how to travel with kids cross-country, to certain special landmarks, and even how to just take them grocery shopping.  Constantly traveling with your child?  For many parents, that’d be a nightmare.

While parenting is nearly always stressful, traveling shouldn't be an additional source of anxiety. Rather, traveling with your kids is an excellent way to broaden their minds, provide valuable experiences, and really learn about your kids.


Overcoming the Disadvantages of Road Schooling

Overcoming the Disadvantages of Road Schooling

No one is debating whether or not traveling is good for kids, but people usually get trepidatious when it comes to traveling long-term.  What about school?

Well, why not learn while traveling?  It’s hardly a revolutionary concept.  Plenty of parents road school, but aren’t their children missing out on the important social interactions of more traditional schooling?  It’d be ridiculous to claim that there are no disadvantages to road schooling, but, if practiced right, they can be overcome.

Problem 1: Long-Term Friendships

Don’t get me wrong.  You shouldn’t worry about socialization during road...

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