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Top apps to have if you are traveling to UAE with kids

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Created: 04 July 2017

As a parent, it is your paramount responsibility to ensure the best for your children. To provide assistance in achieving this goal, we have compiled a list of apps that will enhance the ability of your kids to acquire skillful traits. Moreover, these apps provide an opportunity for you to spend quality time with the kids and bond with them.

  • ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

The English alphabets are probably the first thing every parent on earth teaches their child to speak and travelling should not stop your child from learning. To enhance your child’s learning abilities while on the road, this app uses two effective methods to teach the alphabets. First, the kids can trace the alphabets by swiping their finger over the alphabet appearing on-screen which will augment their writing skills. Second, it uses phonics i.e. the method that correlates sounds with the alphabets to improve the listening skills. Overall, both these methods fuse together to help you teach your kid the alphabets easily at home.


      • Kids Doodle - Movie Kids Color & Draw

If your kids have a penchant for...

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