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Getting Tutoring Help on the Road

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Created: 04 September 2017

More and more, homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional in-school education. In the United States, places like Washington and Pennsylvania now offer state-funded online charters as public school alternatives.

One of the benefits of this approach to education is the many ways it frees up families to bring learning on the road. Rather than remaining shackled to the local school calendar, students can learn at their own pace and tackle curriculum as they actually see the world they are learning about.

Homeschool Made Simple

Homeschool Made Simple

Making things even more convenient, there is no shortage of material available online to help support students as they engage with new content. Many parents opt for prepackaged digital curriculum systems to help ensure their children are keeping to a learning pace comparable to their age-group peers.

However, road learning is about more than just doing schoolwork on the road. Traveling families have the opportunity to make learning come alive in authentic ways – ways that cannot be mirrored in a classroom (virtual or otherwise).

But what happens when a student is struggling with a particular academic concept? It is bound to...

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