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Road Trips With Young Kids

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Created: 04 September 2017


A few weeks before the trip, you should begin the planning of your trip. Some questions you should be asking yourself are whether the area is suitable for young kids, is the hotel kid friendly, or is the campsite going to be okay for the kids? So when booking accommodation, it is essential to check if they are kid friendly or even better if they offer activities for kids. Additionally, you will want to plan out activities that are safe for children as well.

Since you’ll be traveling with your most precious cargo, your kids, first things first – check your vehicle. A few days before going you should either check your vehicle if you know how to or take it to a mechanic to make sure that everything is working fine. A few things you should check are tire pressure including the spare, the brakes, lights, windscreen, car seats, and be sure to pack jump cables. Otherwise, you’ll be spending more time dealing with road assistance than time with your family. Speaking of, you should also take a list of important numbers like emergency contacts, and roadside assistance just in case.

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If this is your first-time road tripping with young kids, let me be the...

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