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What to do with a Toddler on Holiday?

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Created: 19 September 2017

Some parents may cringe at the thought of taking a toddler on holiday. How are you supposed to relax when your toddler has a mind of his own? They are a little too young to truly appreciate landmarks, historical sites, and cultural activities. So, how do you keep them entertained, especially when it comes to the outdoors?

Here are a few sports and outdoor activities for toddlers that you could try:

Go on a picnic

Pack up a basket with healthy snacks and some fun foods and make your way to a park. Put down a blanket to sit on and enjoy some time outdoors.

Allow your toddler to explore the surrounds while you enjoy the fresh air. Add some toys to your basket, like a ball that you can play with on the lawns to keep your little one entertained when they are not snacking.

Take a nature walk

Nature walks are a great holiday activity and fun for the whole family. Depending on the age of your toddler and their ability to walk, select a walk that they will be able to handle. You don’t want to have to carry them all the way back if they get tired.

If they are still in a stroller, choose a walk that is gentler and not too bumpy. Select trails that will have interesting things to see,...

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