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A Green-Fingered Education, On the Road

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Created: 19 September 2017

The number of traveling families and those embracing an alternative education is most definitely on the rise, particularly in first world countries. According to The Guardian, local authority statistics in the UK reveal a 65% increase in children recorded as home educated over the last six years. By no means a new affair in the U.S., homeschooling has been on the rise since 1999. In some regions of Australia, homeschooling statistics reveal a 300% increase in registered homeschool students.

A Green-Fingered Education, On the Road

A Green-Fingered Education, On the Road


Road schooling is just another strand of homeschooling, whereby instead of living in one place and being educated by parents in that same location, children are taken on a journey across the country (or sometimes the world) to learn… on the road. Some subjects, including gardening and its related strands, really lend themselves to a road schooling environment, but more on that in a bit.

The road schooling pros and the cons

There are so many parents out there who blog about their road schooling experiences that resources and advice for the novice are plentiful. There also seems to be a general consensus surrounding the pros and cons of road schooling...

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