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5 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Switzerland This Winter

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Created: 19 January 2018

When you are traveling abroad with the whole family, it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained. Few kids want to walk around an art museum for hours on end, and they’ll be sure to complain about it. If you plan to travel to the beautiful country of Switzerland, you may be worrying about what activities your family will do. To make sure your trip enjoyable for the entire family, here are 5 fun things to do with your kids in Switzerland this winter.

  • Aathal Dinosaur Museum

Location: Seegräben

When: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-5pm

 Sunday: 10am-6pm

Monday: Closed

Tickets: $21 for adults; $11 for kids

Take yourself and your kids back to prehistoric times and explore the Aathal Dinosaur Museum, the only dinosaur museum in Switzerland. The kiddos can tour the different exhibits that showcase the past lives of dinosaurs. They can also see exhibits displaying what life would’ve been like for dinosaurs in modern times. Not only will your kids have a great time, but so will you. You can learn about the history of the Stegosaurus while seeing the archaic bones of a Pterosaurs. There are over 645 exhibits with 19 special dinosaur exhibits for you and your family to explore. The museum...

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