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Construction Cleaning Services

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Created: 04 May 2015

Managing a construction cleaning service is really a bit unique of a residential or industrial cleaning service due to the fact that work is more labor-intensive. There's often heavy lifting, ladder work plus some debris removal required. Construction cleaning crews will be the people who make sure recently built or renovated houses are brand-new prior to the owners move around in and consider possession. Duties range from cleaning home windows, dusting and cleaning all areas, removing stickers on devices and windows, carrying away the final of the construction particles, polishing interior glass, cleaning walls, ceilings as well as vacuuming the floor surfaces. Rates are generally vary greatly according to the scope of the task.
Reconstruction companies and property developers are potential customers. Consequently, creating a detailed sales brochure or even promotional package that can be sent to them is your most effective promotion, along with getting in touch with them in person to pitch your services.