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The Story of Why: the reasons we chose to travel fulltime

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Created: 10 May 2016

So you may be wondering why… Why would we sell everything to live in a tiny space?  If you were here I’d have you pull up a chair and I’d pour you a glass of milk and give you some cookies (too bad you’re not here!) and I’d tell you our tale…

Almost one year ago exactly, our little family moved into my sisters house while they moved overseas for three years. We were coming from the tiniest of tiny houses and their’s was…well, lets just say we didn’t even need to use the room upstairs=) My husband had just started his own business, which was going great, and I had just relaunched mine. We were excited and life was good. Until one day and all because of one very heavy filing cabinet. 

Let me pause here to remind you to ALWAYS lift with your knees…anyway… 

While helping my brother-in-law move said cabinet, my husband felt a pop in his back. He tried to ignore it over dinner but by the time we got home he was in extreme pain. Over the next eight months Robert went from fully functioning to such severe back pain that his body was trying to cope by pushing his spine sideways. I was literally living with a crooked old man!

We finally found a specialist that was so good to us and treated Robert holistically, healing the problem, not just the symptoms.  We were so blessed to have worked with him.  Over the next two months as Robert visited him he went from daily excruciating pain to  being able to sit thru dinner, return to work, hold the girls.  We felt like fresh air was blowing thru our lives. 

If you have ever experienced any kind of extended illness or injury in your home I don’t need to tell you it was hard.   Sometimes the stress and worry would be almost palatable.  It is really hard to see someone you love so much in so much pain and not able to do anything about it.  I could see the hurt on Robert’s face when the girls would ask to be held and he had to tell them no.

So all that to say: the last year has put a great strain on our family.

Enter close friends who are traveling full time.  She lets it slip that even though they are a family of 6 living in a tiny space together that they have never been closer.  That their relationships are not strained but actually the opposite.

Now here is how Robert and I go to sleep:

Robert – goes to sleep.

Melissa – lays in bed and thinks every possible thing over until she is exhausted and falls asleep.

Well a few nights of that, as well as finding a site called Fulltime Families,   was all I needed to start trying to win Robert over.  The concept wasn’t completely strange to him because we had both talked about how neat it was when I started following the Janssens on their adventure.

What I wasn’t expecting was how on board he was.  I actually thought he was joking when he said, “Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.  I think it would be great for us.”  It took me asking him once if he was serious before I lost myself in the next few days serching out everyone who had ever done it before and reading every blog post, watching every youtube video…. 

When I finally came back to the land of the living to take care of my family and realized we were both still excited about it and not put out by my rehashing every family’s story to Robert (whether he wanted to hear it or not!) we knew this might be it for us.  Over the next few months we continued to talk about it and brainstorm trying to figure out if this was for us.  Everything we came up with that might be a struggle we thought of ways to get past it.

So now is the really hard part.  Really hard!  The waiting.  The planning is fun but the waiting is…well…I’m learning trying to learn to be happy in the waiting too=)