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Tour of our House (Before & After)

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Created: 10 May 2016
Video Tour of our House (Before & After)

Oh my goodness what a transformation our RV has taken on!  Just take a look at the before pictures and video before you see the afters –  I think you’ll be shocked:)

The great thing about living in such a small space is that everything you keep has to have a purpose

or be something you love.  

So over the last year of purging and simplifying only the things that we love the most have survived.  It makes for a space that we love to be in – so light, bright and happy.  But first the before pictures – these were the pictures sent to me before we bought it…  and you can see the video tour of the before here.

McCs (2) 
McCs (6)

McCs (7)

McCs (8)

And now the afters.  Oh. my. goodness!  for such a small space this sure was a lot of work!  Painting the cabinets especially, it took way longer that I thought it would – worth it – but so time consuming!