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Created: 10 May 2016

After nine months of agony, stress and financial angst we found relief and with it a need for a new start.  The huge house that had us so excited, now only held memories of hardship and pain.  We were desperate to get out.  Maybe a little extreme:) but we decided to travel fulltime in RV!

Since then we have been working to sell all our things, buy and remodel a used RV, have another sweet baby :), buy a truck to pull our house and create a business that would support our nomadic ways.


One question we get ALOT is: How do you support your travels? Well, we have a few ways that, combined, make this trip possible:

1. We are part of both WWOOF and Workamper

2. I turned my love of photography into an online class for mamas.  After years struggling with my “unprofessional” camera I finally learned that it doesn’t matter what camera you own… you can still capture the sweet, meaningful moments in your family’s story.  At first I was embarrassed of my camera until I learned it has so much more to do with the foundation and not the camera.

I spent years learning the basics of photography on my own – oh so slowly – because I could never find an unintimidating place to learn.  By combining my hard earned knowledge and my love for teaching,  I created The Snap Academy Workshop - a video class where I teach basic photography principles to help mamas get those meaningful photos.  It is a way for you to feel confident that you too can capture the little moments that tell your story.


3.  Before we lived in an RV we LOVED to go to estate sales, yard sales, church sales, thrift stores… You get the idea:)  Well now that we live in a tiny house our vintage collecting had to come to a stop.  So we found a way to combine that love and another source of income.  We started a vintage resale shop on Instagram where we sell vintage finds and handmade goods:) Check it out here – A Little Vintage Life.  


4.  The Blooming Chef: A few years ago the girls and I started doing cooking shows to show the cousins.  We had so much fun and soon other people wanted to see them.  Since then we turned it into a fun business that we all run together.  You can see all the details here on Bellas site:)


5.  Robert is also available for remodels, construction and maintenance.  He has been working as a contractor for years and this is a great way to work our way around the country:)

I’ll share tips, hints and inspiration and bits about our life weekly here on the blog so be sure to sign up so won’t miss anything exciting=)!