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A peek at our new home

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Created: 10 May 2016

Whoa mama,  this week is insane!!!  We are moving into our RV and, goodness, I thought I had gotten rid of so much stuff already but it seems to have grown again.  We are building a pile for Goodwill that will make them quite happy I’m sure.

We are almost finished and it is down to those random bags of “things” and cleaning out the grody cabinets that somehow get ignored until you move :p  I am trying to play the, “I’m eight months pregnant” card in hopes that Robert will clean those for me:)

Here are a few pictures from what is going on and you will see that I have

heavily relied on the “get closer” tip

so that y’all think my new home is neat and clean and organized:)

I wanted to add some living plants to the RV and what better time to create this than in the middle of a move?  I took an old piece of barnwood screwed tins on that I got from IKEA and added two hooks as the end to dry the herbs.  And by “me”, of course, I mean I told Robert what I was thinking and asked him to do it for me:)  He did a great job and I’m in love with it!

This shade is my $4.00 Goodwill find!  Robert revamped one of our lamps that was in the outgoing pile and it now hangs next to our bed.  I love so much that the whole thing only cost us $4.00 and that my husband has awesome wire splicing skills 

This is all piled on my couch right now:  A pillow I just recovered, blue vinyl that was going to cover a bench seat until we decided that it was too big, a picture that is looking for a home and one last door handle that I need to attach.

The following are from my phone:

I was feeling a little overwhelmed yesterday when I got an unexpected package in the mail from a lady I “met” on Instagram.  It really brightened my day and I already have plans to use the material and flower in my decorating.

Speaking of bright… I can’t believe the girls can sleep in the bedroom right now because it is so bright!  Curtains… on my growing to-do list:)

I hope you enjoyed this peek and will leave me a comment to encourage me… I’m a little bonkers trying to do all this with a baby inside of me:)