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A new chapter

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Created: 10 May 2016
A new chapter

 It’s funny how differently life turns out than what you have planned in your head.  Just a few short months ago I had no idea that I would be hand-lettering these prints.  These words of hope that now hang on my walls.

As I sit here about to launch this new site out there for you to read and critique I’m a little nervous.  I have little pieces of my heart and story tied up in each one of the prints.  They were drawn to help me and now you’ll be seeing all the things I need help with!  But this summer, if I’ve learned one thing its this: our story, if we share it, has the power to encourage, inspire and give hope to those around us.

When I first started to put little pieces out there about how I was feeling was was shocked at the emails, texts and messages from friends and family about how they had also been (or were going) though dark times.  So as I continue to add to the shop and send out new prints each month and share more I hope that it helps and encourages you just like it has me.  You can read more about how Lines of Grace came into existence here.  

As I try to streamline and reduce stress I’ll mostly be posting here via Instagram, but, I’ll have flash sales over there that won’t be posted here so make sure to follow along.  You can also share your prints on IG using #linesofgrace for a chance to receive your next month free!

And as a “Whoo, hoo! Let’s launch this scary adventure” sale,  if you sign up for either Happy Mail Society Subscriptions this month, you will receive the print of your choice from the shop! Just leave me a note when you sign up letting me know which one you’d like me to mail to you:)

Thank you for your support as I head out into uncharted waters.  I’d love for you to let me know what you think of the new site.