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Babies in need

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Created: 10 May 2016

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that it isn’t all about us.   My dad says, when you are feeling depressed about your own situation the best thing you can do is help someone else.  While I was creating this business I knew I wanted to give a percentage to charity.  However, nothing ever seemed to fit quite right.  I knew it would be good for our mama hearts if the money you were spending went to someone that we could be in direct contact with – not something that most charities facilitate.

Then a fellow blogging mama started posting about sweet little babies she was taking in through the foster system.  Soon after, she took a little newborn under her wing that did not come with the funding of the system.

I started asking her questions and knew this was the sweet babe we could be involved in helping!  
Lyric came to Sam with nothing but a small bag of out-of-season clothes, some that had to be thrown out and  the rest soaked for days because of the overwhelming smell of smoke.  No toys, no warm blankets, no little booties or hand knit hats.  All the things we collect and shower on our babies. Sam and her family have raised Lyric as their own, loving on her daily as well as taking on her steep medical issues.  I would love if you would join in helping show love to Lyric.

5% of all sales go directly to Sam as she cares for little Lyric.

You can keep up to date with Samantha and Lyric here – http://thehandmadedress.blogspot.com/