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5 Best places around Sydney to enjoy with your family

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Created: 21 September 2018

One of Australia's most iconic cities, Sydney, truly has a lot to offer! There is always something special you can do with your family because once you get there - there is a world of possibilities right outside the city limits!

Take a break for the day and head out of the city - head up into the mountains, relax on one of many amazing beaches, explore the true essence of the stunning nature, discover Australia's famed wildlife, or take the river and sea cruises and learn about the cultural heritage. All in all, Sydney truly is a getaway to endless possibilities! Here are some of the best places around Sydney you can enjoy with your family!

The Royal National Park

This is the second oldest National Park in the world and certainly the place you want to visit while exploring the amazing hidden gems just outside the city limits. The amazing National Park is a veritable heaven for adventure-seeking nature lovers! It combines pristine beaches with cliff-fringe forests, small, hidden valleys, beautiful rivers and breathtaking nature that you will simply adore exploring with your family.


The Royal National Park

The Royal National Park

You can either hike along the cliff or you can hire a canoe and head up...

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