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Created: 04 March 2019

Planning a Budget-Friendly Road Trip for a Large Family

Contributed by: Ben Lovell

 ‘No man needs a vacation more than the man who has just had one.’ – Elbert Hubbard


Budget-Friendly Family Road Trip

Budget-Friendly Family Road Trip



Travel is expensive even for the solo tourist.  If you’re marshalling a group of six, eight or ten, the price tags climb faster than you’d think.  Regardless of the membership tally, the typical large family still has only one or two breadwinners.  This means that finding economies of scale is critical to maximizing enjoyment while minimizing cost.  In other words, the trip for your family of eight can’t cost four times as much as the same trip with your partner.  Sure, fitting more people in a single vehicle or hotel room will help to some extent, but other costs like food, transport tickets and admission fees don’t necessarily scale down with larger numbers. Let’s take a few minutes to sift through some tips for keeping a road trip for a large family more budget-friendly.

Tip #1: Think Through the Financing

Even if you see yourself as head banshee to a band of free-spirits, the world costs money.  Before you can spend any time on the subsequent steps, sit down with any...

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