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Vacationing with Your Parents? Here Are 10 Places to Explore

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Created: 19 March 2019


Vacationing With Your Parents

Vacationing With Your Parents

When you were a little kid, you probably looked forward to those summer trips with your parents. They would plan their budget an entire year, cutting down on some of their own luxuries just because they know you are looking forward to visit new places during your annual vacation. Now, it is time to take your parents on a vacation. And the good news is that India has a number of amazing places to visit, for parents of all ages.

1. Alleppey - In the Bosom of Nature

Let’s start with Kerala - the land of emerald green backwaters, mystical mountains, magnificent tea gardens, aromatic spices and more. You can watch the true beauty of Kerala as you glide along the backwaters on a houseboat from Alleppey.




Along the way, you can catch breathtaking views of the villages, the indigenous flora and fauna and if you stay the night, a glorious sunrise to remember. Your parents would thoroughly enjoy this tour because it is calming, refreshing and quite rejuvenating.

2. Mathura - Lord Krishna’s Abode

Image by KuwarOnline via Wikimedia

Mathura isa scared city in Uttar Pradesh. If you are planning to visit North India with your parents, and they are...

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