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Post-Natal Yoga. The Benefits of Yoga for Mother and Baby

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Created: 19 April 2019

Nine months is a long time for some, even for the most caring and loving mothers, this time can take a toll on your body, as well as your mind. Even after, with all the nursing, breast-feeding and long sleepless nights, you can easily forget about you, and your needs, physical and emotional. And don’t worry, thinking of yourself is not selfish, you are obliged to do something about it, for you and for your baby! You would want to be the perfect mom you always wanted to be, and to be so you have to be ready, strong and clear minded, prepared to raise your child.

If you have practiced prenatal yoga, then the rest of this article will be familiar, if you have not, you are in for as surprise. It takes only 6 weeks till you and your baby are ready for yoga lessons if you had a caesarean section, or matter of hours if you gave birth naturally. Of course, please do check with your doctor, just in case! Easy going, gentle, slow movements to regain your shape, realign your hips, shoulders, spine, your entire body strength, relax and enjoy time with your baby, sound wonderful, doesn’t it.

To start with your daily yoga rutine, you don't need much of equipment. The most important is to...

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