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12 Amazing Things to Do with Kids in Romania

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Created: 04 May 2019

Romania has many breathtaking natural sceneries and a long list of attractions that make it worth exploring on your next holiday. If you’re looking for a destination where the entire family can have fun and learn something new, Romania will surprise you with plenty of great places and a variety of things to do that you can’t find somewhere else and will keep your kids entertained. From medieval castles to waterparks, from national reservations to museums that kids will love, here are the top Romanian destinations to include on your family vacation:

  • Visit Dracula’s Castle

This list couldn’t start with anything other than Bran Castle, Transylvania’s most famous attraction, which has become so widely known due to the castle’s association with count Dracula. Although you won’t get to see any vampires roaming around, this won’t make your experience any less enjoyable since the castle does come with a strong medieval feeling and a fascinating history that will make your kids curious. Once you step inside, you’ll discover a creepy and very old interior unlike anything your kids have ever seen: winding staircases and corridor mazes will give you the feeling that you might come across...

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