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Tackling Anxiety: How To Help As A Parent

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Created: 19 September 2019

Anxiety is a completely normal human reaction. It might be that we’re getting nervous about something new, or have that feeling of dread when there’s a particularly horrible task coming up that we have to deal with; we all get it. It can come in a number of ways and affect us all differently.

Tackling Anxiety

Tackling Anxiety

Our children will get anxious sometimes, too. A different situation may affect how they feel, or they start to worry about something else. Occasionally, this anxiety can be overwhelming for them, and they may need help. So what should you do as their parent?

What is anxiety?

This is when you start to worry, get nervous, or even fear a situation. Everyone will experience this as some point, and it’s only natural for it to happen.

An anxiety disorder is when you have an excessive amount of fear, worry, dread or nervousness, and these emotions happen too frequently, are too strong, are out of proportion and affect someone’s day-to-day life. These feelings can either build gradually or come on suddenly, and there may not be a particular cause for it to happen.

There are also physical symptoms associated with some anxiety disorders. Chest pains, headaches, tight muscles,...

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