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Keeping Your Children Safe: 3 Everyday Realities

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Created: 04 October 2019

As a parent, the one thing that often weighs heavily on your mind is just how to keep your children safe at all times and in all situations. When they are infants, they are in your care 24/7, but as they grow and become more independent, it’s difficult to know that they will be well-cared for and protected at a nursery school, a primary school or even at the nanny’s home.

Keeping Your Children Safe

Keeping Your Children Safe


How can you keep your children safe from the everyday realities that most children must face at one time or another?

1. Lessons About Strangers

The first lesson to teach your children as soon as they can understand what you are saying is that they should never talk to or go with strangers. Although each family has different procedures in place, this is one lesson you cannot avoid. Make sure you teach them what to do if approached by strangers and to always stay in sight of the adult they are in the care of. This has proven to be the salvation of literally millions of children over time. It is one of the leading everyday realities your children must learn. Not all people are good.

2. It’s Not Always Your Fault, Parents!

This is something every parent learns to face early on. Not...

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