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Family Fun: 10 Insanely Cool Things to Do in Memphis with Kids

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Created: 04 November 2019

There is nothing more memorable like time well spent with your family, and finding good places that your kids will enjoy can be tricky, sometimes even impossible. However, there are such places, and if you plan your trip in advance, and make short visits to different attractions, you can make the best of it, and make your whole family satisfied.

Memphis with Kids

Memphis with Kids

Memphis, Tennessee, the birthplace of Rock “n” Roll, and the home of Blues, and the place where you can find probably the best BBQ in the whole US, is a great place where you can find insanely fun things to do with your family, from the youngest to the oldest. Yes, normally there are museums to be visited, some you cannot allow to be missed; however, there are parks, river cruises, family games like mini golf, various restaurants from the rich Memphis cuisine, the house of the King, and many many more places to visit and enjoy.

Of course, there is never enough time, or children patient, to see and visit everything, so here is a list of 10 “a must” visit places for your family:

  • Graceland – the home of The King, Elvis Presley, is a place first on the list of very obvious reasons. Even if you are not a fan, of The King,...

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