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Sumba Island – Family Guide To Visit The Gem Island Of Indonesia

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Created: 04 December 2019

Are you thinking of taking a much-deserved break from the noise of your overwhelming life? Are you seeking to spend some quality time with your family? Visit Sumba, Indonesia's best-kept secret! Home to over 17,000 islands and unimaginable scenic beauty, Indonesia is truly a wonder to behold. One of the least discovered and least unexplored islands of this Southeast Asian gem is none other than the Sumba Island in Indonesia.

Located in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province, Sumba is the melting pot of indigenous cultures, rich history, friendly locals, unique traditions and diversity that beckons you towards it.

Sumba is truly the newest hotspot for tourists wishing to broaden their horizons in the world of exotic traveling. The 11,000 km2 area is dotted with pristine beaches with waves that clam your soul, rolling hills, swaying palm trees, rice terraces and an abundance of wildlife. While Sumba is relatively undiscovered and will be a treat for the brave and adventurous at heart, why not enjoy this gorgeous island with your family? From unforgettable views, waterfalls that will submerge you in joy, and beautiful secluded beaches; this trip will be the perfect getaway for...

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