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7 Amazing Places to Discover in Victoria (Australia) with Your Kids

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Created: 19 December 2019

It's often stated that Victoria may very well be the best state in Australia - jaw-dropping landscapes, lively cities, great wine, amazing wildlife and tons of activities.

So, no wonder why many families choose this state for their holiday - it offers many opportunities for your kids to have an amazing time.

1. Pink Lakes – vivid colors and abundance of wildlife

Of course, the water in the Pink Lakes is crystal clear due to their beds made up of solid salt. It’s the red algae growing in the water that makes these lakes so amazing. Your kids will simply love the pink hue of the lakes; it’s not something they can see every day.

When you’re not admiring the colors of the lakes, you can go on a nature family walk around the lakes. The most famous ones are the Kline Nature Walk, the Lake Hardy Nature Walk and the Lake Becking Nature Walk. Tell your kids to watch out for wild animals – they will be so excited to see a kangaroo, an emu, or a kangaroo wandering around.

If you want an adventure, you could camp at campgrounds at Lake Crosbie or Lake Becking.Image source

2. Phillip Island – wildlife at its best

Phillip Island is definitely one of the favorite holiday destinations in...

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