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How to format your camera card

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Created: 10 May 2016

My family and I finally got everything together and took  our maiden voyage!!!  Tiny house living suits us and Rob, the girls and I enjoying almost every moment (the driving part still scares us a little:)  We’re just finished up a test run which included Virginia, Tennessee, a wedding and Kentucky – and every picture I took is very important to me – especially my brother’s wedding.

So you can imagine how my stomach sunk when I went to put in my memory card to download some of those pictures and an error message popped up saying, “CARD ERROR – please format card” Yikes!!!

Now understand this –

when you format a card you erase all the data. 

That means if you haven’t emptied your card in a day, week, or month you will lose all those moments you wanted to remember.  Thankfully, I only had about 12 pictures on my card and was able to recover them.  The reason I had so few pictures, unlike my mother who has 649 on her card at all times (true story!), is because I have a plan that saves me from losing a boat load of pictures.

Here is my routine :

1.  Every three to four days (or the end of a day if I have pictures that are very special and irreplaceable) I download all pictures from my memory cards and sort them into year/month files.

2.  Then I format each card following the steps below

- Open your computer file and right click on your memory card

- click format and then start 

This will erase all the date on the card and ensure that every time you are re-inserting your card you are starting fresh and all your special images are downloaded.

Take a few minutes every few days and make this part of your routine as well – believe me you won’t regret it!