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One Minute Tip: The secret on getting little ones to look at the camera

in Practical Tips
Created: 10 May 2016

You remember to empty your card, charge your batteries and you actually have your camera with you!  It’s a big day:)

But, when you want to snap those special pictures, for the life of you, you can’t get your kids to look at the camera!  By the time you put your camera away you are frustrated and your child is starting to hate your camera.  I’ve been there and here is what I’ve learned…

You can get an amazing picture, that really captures who your child is, without them actually looking at you! 

Your little one isn’t always going to be in the mood, so after trying for a minute, if they don’t want to look then try sitting back and taking pictures with out the cajoling and frustration.

I promise you, you will love the pictures just as much if not more!

You can also sign up here to watch session three from the Snap Academy Workshop that gives great ideas on how to get them to look at you without a cheesy grin like this… (still blaming my mother for this girl seeing a camera and automatically saying cheese :p )

Do you have a favorite picture where the subject isn’t looking at the camera?  If so share it on the Facebook page here.