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3 tips for fast and awesome blog posts

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Created: 10 May 2016

3 tips for fast and awesome blog posts

After a year of planning, plotting, dreaming and sometimes believing it would never come true…

we are finally on the road!!! 

Right now we are in East Tennessee and will be on our way to Kentucky soon.

For a trip like this I wanted to remember all the important details, the people we met, the place, the stories, but, as much as I like the idea of journaling, I’m just not very good at keeping up with it.  Scrapbooking?  Yes, I love that and I have a lot of fun doing it, but, that is one time consuming hobby that requires a LOT of room for both working and storage.  It also get pretty expensive with that the cute supplies that I get attached to in the store.  So my solution for remembering and sharing is a personal blog.

Some people think that blogging takes so much time but I’m going to share three simple tips to help you get a post up super fast.  Why do I think you should start a personal blog?

1.  A great place to keep record of your story and share with your family and friends.

2.  It’s free

3.  It’s much faster than scrapbooking and more visually interesting than a journal

Tip number one: Post as soon as you can.

If you are anything like me, the longer you wait to get to something the less excited you become about said thing.  If I am right in the middle of something I can’t wait to share with my family and friends, but If I wait two weeks to get the pictures off my camera then I am a lot less likely to share.  My goal is to post on the day I take pictures.  How do I make time to blog so quickly?

Tip Two: Don’t be afraid of the writing

After I graduated college with a minor in English that happened almost by accident I decided I didn’t really like writing all that much…so I let my pictures do the talking.  I write just enough to fill in the blanks- and this post has more writing than usual.  If you love to write then have at it and enjoy, but, don’t feel like a blog post has to be accompanied by a 500 word essay.  Upload the pictures add some captions or a brief description and then post.  I love looking over the posts that I share with my family and believe me the picture to word ration is about 10:1.  And we all like it that way:)  A post takes at the most 15 minutes and usually more like 5.

My third awesome tip:  Think about your story

While I’m in the middle of a situation that I know I want to share with my family I think about what I want to say and I take pictures that go along with how I would tell the story.  For example in the post below I share about how we were nervous (snap a picture of Robert’s hands gripping the steering wheel) then I tell them about how we ate in Wal-mart’s parking lot (get a picture of Rob finishing off his sandwich) friendly neighbors?  yup get a picture of that too.

Blog posts do not have to be stressful, labor intensive, or something you “have to do”  they can be fun and a really great way to record your story and share with friends and family.  As a plus your blog can be public or private.


So go ahead and read below about our first road trip and then leave a note letting me know if you like to blog or what keeps you from it.