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Dropbox:the Bliss it Adds to Downloading Pictures

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Created: 10 May 2016
Robert and I are crazy busy (or maybe just plain crazy) getting ready to leave on our first road trip.  We are headed to Knoxville, TN for my little brother’s wedding!  While I am busy with planning, prep, and little Charlotte, I’ve asked Victoria Montemayor to guest post today.  Victoria took the Snap Academy Workshop last month and recently sent me a note explaining how, when she had her phone and camera stolen, she didn’t lose any pictures.  Not only because I had explained how to backup pictures in my class but because she has the process automated.  Today she is explaining her process for automatic backup (hallelujah for one less thing on your mind!)  Enjoy!

Mamacitas! Howdy from central Texas.

When Melissa asked me if I had any blog post topics for y’all, I immediately thought of sharing Dropbox – the bliss bubbling tool I use on a weekly basis or organize photos across my digital camera, smart phone, and desktop.

The idea behind Dropbox is simple: It’s is an online storage service that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection or mobile phone service.

Essentially, it is more hard drive space on a server and hard drive that isn’t yours. If you’ve heard of “the cloud”, that’s what those geeky people are referring to (love those guys!).

I use Dropbox for both building my business & for personal pleasure (read: instagramming photos) and today I am sharing how it works with YOU to help you simplify your life & save those meaningful photos you’ve been learning to take.

How Does Dropbox Work?

A graphic depicting a mobile phone hugging a Dropbox

What happens: You download Dropbox to your computer and it adds a folder on your desktop.


This folder acts completely like a regular folder and you add files and photos to it, except when you jump on your friend’s computer or get on your smartphone or tablet.

When you log in to Dropbox from any alternate location, you can still access all your stuff!

Dropbox automatically syncs anything you add to its folders to all your devices and to the company server – yo


u can access your docs, files, and pics from anywhere you have an internet connection.

It’s kinda like logging into your personal email account – you can get to it from anywhere!

Dropbox’s Mission: to solve life’s hidden problems & re-imagine the things we do every day. Oh, I am so down with problem solving…

Here we go!

My Top 3 Re-Imagined ways I use Dropbox to simplify and add joy to life:

1. Auto-save your phone pics & never lose them again

Download the Dropbox app and automatically set up your phone to save all your camera-phone pics to a folder in Dropbox, and you’ll never have to worry about only having photos on one device or losing pics when your two-year-old discovers how fun cell phone throwing is. 

Having Dropbox installed was SO important for me when I recently had my purse stolen, along with my Nexus 7 and smart phone . Ugh. At least those creeps didn’t get my random camera pics, too!

Set it up now and fuggetaboutit. You can restrict uploads to only happen when you’re wifi connected, so it won’t eat up your data plan.

2. Be a better #Instagrammer

If you’ve ever perused Instagram and fiddled with your grainy phone pics, you’ve likely come across amazing baby photos like these that are too good to be true! 

How do these ladies get such high quality pics off their phone?

They didn’t.

Add your crystal clear digital camera pics to your Dropbox folder on your desktop each time you batch download from the camera, then upload them to Instagram via your phone’s Dropbox folder!

Share your favorite pics, not just the ones you capture with your phone.

Instant #insta notoriety + tons of double-taps will make all your friends #jelly.

3. Share Naked Baby Pics with Aunt Sally

Dropbox allows you to share folders with anyone you designate – no matter where in the world they are.

Right now you’re emailing pics back and forth, trying to mess with Facebook photo album permissions, and then printing and mailing photos to your Aunt Sally – who you are so grateful is on email but still thinks Facebook is nonsense.

Most of the time stealing photos from friends’ social media sucks because of the grainy look, but your email won’t send more than one hi res photo at a time. Not. Enough. Space. What?!

Create a folder on Dropbox and share your high quality pics with select friends and family, so only y’all see the sweet nursing photo with Momma and day-old Charlotte (and then they can print on their own dime!).

Dropbox will even give you a little notice when folders are updated by your long-distance fam, so you’ll feel more connected to them, too. Perfect!

What should you do now? 

Download the program on your computer and mobile devices and set them up, then tell me – what are your favorite apps?

I use Dropbox mainly for photos. Do you re-purpose your apps? I wanna hear what you use!

My specialty is in helping lady solo-preneurs get organized, focused, and on track, and I’m a natural Type-A woman. I love sharing my tips for living life and getting things done in your biz, so if you wanna learn more tips head on over to VictoriaMontemayor.com and sign up for my newsletter!